Traditional Treatments

Traditional medicine comprises knowledge systems that developed over generations within various societies before the era of modern medicine. Remedies such as traditional bone setting treatment, cupping, different massages, baths, herbal treatment, energy treatment and healing with hands offered by natural healers form an integral part of traditional medicine. Natural healers remind us that nature does not need us, it is us who need nature. Natural healing is based on deep inner knowledge. Natural healers are seers who are able to read people in distress.

Seita  Forest Spa and our saunas display the many treatments of traditional healers, for example traditional cupping, alternative medicinal remedies and massages as well as beauty treatments such as peat facials. The ingredients for the natural products used in the treatments come from the plants and herbs of Nordic nature.

Seita Forest Spa offers a unique location for experiencing the power of these methods traditional healing. Contact our sales office for more information.



像拔罐、按摩、浴疗、草药治疗、能量治疗,手式治疗这些不同种类的治疗,都是传统医学不可分割的一部分。传统医学告诉我们,我们依赖于自然,而不是自然依赖于我们。大自然治疗师 — 一个能够解决人类病患的先知。