Helicopter flight

Experience the pleasure of flying above the spectacular landscapes of Lapland!

Ruka Sightseeing

Price from 60 €/person
Minimum 2 persons on a flight

Pieni Karhunkierros (small bear's trail)

Price 380€/flight
Maximum 3 persons on a flight.
The flight follows the snowy fells of Ruka to the Northeast. You’ll see Valtavaara, Konttainen, Porontima Lake and Canyon, Oulanka National Park, Kitkajoki river and Jyrävä falls

Iso Karhunkierros (big bear's trail)

Price 660€/flight
Maximum 3 persons on a flight.

Children under 2 years travel free on lap.

Inquiries and booking

Rukapalvelu Oy 
Office +358 10 2710 500 
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ProCopter Oy 
+358 40 628 2233

Wilderness Safari to Kammi

Drive a snowmobile through the glistening snow to Kammi. Everything is here and now. Forget the worries of the everyday life and experience something unforgettable. 

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Snowmobile safaris

Enjoy the thrill of a speeding snowmobile as it glides over vast snowdrifts and frozen lakes. You don’t need any prior experience to participate: our guides will teach you how to work the machines safely. And there is a lot in store even for the most experienced snowmobilers: the longest safaris stretch for hundreds of kilometres. We will supply you with all the high-quality gear you need!

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Snowmobiling in Russia

When in Kuusamo, why not treat yourself or your group to an unforgettable adventure across the border in Russia. Some of the opportunities include tours of Russia’s pristine wilderness, fish-abundant rivers and trips to local towns to sample Russian life and culture. If you’d like to blend a little of the old and the new, why not ride into a rustic Karelian village on a snowmobile, for a fine sampling of local traditions and culture. Our Russian safaris are truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And whichever safari you might choose, we’ll make sure that you have the ultimate border crossing experience – the adventure of a lifetime.

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Reindeer Safaris

Reindeer and Lapland – an ancient connection. Visit a reindeer farm and experience firsthand the legendary speed and endurance of these noble animals. As memory of this exotic ride, we’ll grant you a reindeer driver’s licence and a local reindeer farmer will give you a ceremony worth writing home about. To top things off, enjoy a mouth watering meal by the open fire.

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Husky Excursions

Experience the natural solution to arctic transport: to see huskies pulling a sleigh is to witness teamwork at its best. You also can lead these tireless dogs as part of our Husky Dog Safari. The huskies are usually driven by teams of two: the driver and the passenger. Take turns and get a feel for the exotic ride!

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Snowshoe Excursions

Although snowshoes were designed to help you make your way about the snow, they are also excellent for keeping you in shape – while having a great time! Try them out on the hills surrounding Ruka or on the terrain in Konttainen, which is renowned for its great bird watching opportunities. Showshoe hiking is not a difficult business. You’ll learn to walk in just a few minutes, after which you can concentrate on the pleasure of movement and the beautiful scenery.

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Ice Fishing

In wintertime in the country of a thousand lakes, you can enjoy the exotic experience of Ice fishing which is like meditation – focused patience coupled with the solitude of a frozen lake. And the added bonus is today’s catch – pike, perch or trout. Gear and clothing are provided for. Ice fishing is a good combination with a snowmobile safari where you can just stop and enjoy the quietness of the wilderness. Also try our fishing trips to Russia!

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