Quad bike safari in Russia

When in Kuusamo, why not treat yourself or your group to an unforgettable adventure across the border in Russia.

Some of the opportunities include tours of Russia’s pristine wilderness, fish-abundant rivers and trips to local towns to sample Russian life and culture. If you’d like to blend a little of the old and the new, why not ride into a rustic Karelian village on a quadbike, for a fine sampling of local traditions and culture. Our Russian safaris are truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And whichever safari you might choose, we’ll make sure that you have the ultimate border crossing experience – the adventure of a lifetime.

Keep in mind, however, that a visit to Russia always requires a visa.

2 days Quad Bike Safari in Russia (Sample programme)

Experience the history and culture of White Karelia in Russia with quad bikes. The sandy roads lead us to small Karelian villages of Suvanto, Tuhkala and Kananainen. You have a chance to visit shops and a local market in town of Pääjärvi.

Price: 640 €/person
Please contact Rukapalvelu sales for information on obtaining a Russian visa.

Minimum group size: 6 adults