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Make Your Own Drum - Meditate with the Rhytm of Mother Earth

Shamanism is the most archaic expression of the spiritual quest of humankind. For Northern people, shamanism has always been the oldest mental and physical healing tradition, life philosophy, and grammar of the mind, in which shamans have carried the most important role.

Shamans have had the ability and power to maintain a balance between humans an nature, to communicate between the powers of the physical, visible reality and invisible realities.The drum is a cognitive map of the shaman’s knowledge. The drum with its spirits helps the shaman to make journeys both inside and outside the mental reality. The rhythm of the drum and the shaman’s gentle power song helps us to calm the pulse of our body, the sound of our heart and connect us with the natural vibration and rhythm of Mother Earth.

Now you have the unique possibility to make a traditional drum together with a shaman. Water, air, fire and earth, the four basic elements of nature are present at this process. A personal drum is much more than an instrument. It can become your spiritual and healing guide in your everyday life. The drum will finally be initiated to your personal use at the very sacred and ancient place in Kuusamo, called Pyhävaara.


Group size max 10 person. Duration minimum 3-5 days.



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